Zenefits HR|One Overview

Zenefits offers an innovative and simplistic Human Resources platform that assists small, midsized and enterprise level businesses with their HR tasks. Here at Bookkeeper360 we were sold at first sight! Zenefits has built their platform around the idea that integrations play a key role in creating successful software rather than building out proprietary software models. During Tuesday’s [HR One](https://www.zenefits.com/partners/bookkeeper-360/){:target="_blank"} event in New York City Zenefits unveiled some great new features!

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New Integrations

Rather than looking at other business platforms as competition, Zenefits has found partnership opportunities with other software offering multiple integrations. Zenefits now integrates with software such as: Xero, Expensify, box, Salesforce, Slack, G-suite, Office 365, eshares and a few others! The truly beneficial aspect of utilizing Zenefits as an HR platform for your business is that you have the ability to still use other great software alongside Zenefits. Zenefits doesn’t offer stock option software but has an integration (that is as easy as “adding apps to an iPhone”) with Eshares. Zenefits’ is also partnering with Lyft so that employers offering commuter benefits can utilize ride sharing vehicles.


Payroll and Employee management

Zenefits now offers Payroll in 5 new states including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, and Arizona, for a total of 9 states. Zenefits payroll software can easily be set-up for new employees and offers a mobile app in which employees can clock in and out of. With Zenefits’ Slack integration employees can request time off simply by messaging the “Zenefits Slack-Bot”.  Zenefits’ offers a time-saving method of managing paid time off in which they have simplified the process. The Zenefits platform also has the ability to foresee specific compliance dates and customizes your dashboard so that you know which dates are important for your employees.

Overall the Zenefits platform has truly taken on a well structured revamp and has the opportunity to grow into the top performing platform in the HR industry. Offering a competitive and simple pricing model business owners will be onboarding the Zenefits’ platform in the months to come.

Zenefits on Mac and iPhone