How Xero helped this bookkeeper avoid traffic snarls and take up skydiving

In light of Global Bookkeeping Week, at Xero we are putting the spotlight on some of our bookkeeping and accounting partners whose tireless work enables small businesses to thrive.

Nick Pasquarosa has always been a numbers guy. He did his first tax return at age 16.

He started bookkeeping seven years ago, Nick started a local bookkeeping firm that serviced small businesses in Long Island, New York.

In this role he went from door-to-door, visiting clients in-person, using their locally-installed bookkeeping software.

With all this running around he found his schedule becoming very hectic; he was spending more time stuck in traffic than he did at client appointments. This way of doing business also limited the amount of clients he could properly service.

Out of a combined love of technology, numbers and helping people – including small business owners – Nick founded Bookkeeper360 about four years ago. As a 100 percent cloud-based practice operating on Xero, Nick quickly found that this business model enabled them to grow exponentially.

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“Being fully run on the cloud and growing our practice on the Xero platform has given us the ability to scale unbelievably,” Nick said.

“When we first started we had 10 clients in the local area and now we’re servicing hundreds nationwide; there’s no limit to how many clients we can work with.”

A tech company with a bookkeeping specialization

Bookkeeper360 is a prime example of a firm that has leveraged Xero to create a 100 percent cloud-based practice. Doing so means they approach bookkeeping and accounting with a totally different mindset.

As the CEO of Bookkeeper360, Nick describes his practice as a “technology company that specializes in bookkeeping” because of the end-to-end solution that Xero and its ecosystem provides his firm and their clients.

Aside from providing their clients standard bookkeeping services, Bookkeeper360 helps their clients choose the best app partner solutions for them. He says the complete view into a business’ performance that the Xero ecosystem provides enables small businesses to make better decisions and ultimately thrive.

“With the evolution of cloud technology and what’s happening in the industry now, there’s a big movement to harness the power of all these app partners,” Nick says.

“Just the ability to have data flow right into Xero enables bookkeepers and accountants to do our jobs and really help our small business clients run better businesses.”

“Our clients are able to access their data faster. We’re helping them make better business decisions and we’re helping them improve their technology from an efficiency standpoint.”

Keeping with this tech company theme, Nick says the layout of the Bookkeeper360 office in Woodbury, New York is open and collaborative.

“The look and the feel of our office is similar to that of Google, it’s that San Francisco look and feel in New York,” Nick says.

Jumping out of planes rather than jumping into spreadsheets

Nick has always thought of himself as a risk-taker, which may be in part what led him to be the CEO of an innovative cloud bookkeeping company.

By running his practice in Xero, Nick has created efficiencies where the time he used to spend in traffic can now be devoted to other adventures.

He describes himself as an avid marksman, regularly taking time out to go skeet shooting. When he’s not exploring new culinary experiences or sweating it out at the gym you might find him jumping out of planes.

He has been skydiving twice, the picture above shows him above Long Island, New York. He and his team recently attended Xerocon San Francisco and afterwards the team compromised and went indoor skydiving. Nick says they were “too chicken” to jump out of a real plane.

Xero is helping transform bookkeepers and accountants from the numbers guys into the advisors that small businesses can’t live without.

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