How to Reconcile Deposits to Sales Utilizing Shopify

    Do you invest too much time in reconciling your deposits in Xero or just not sure how to match invoices properly? There is an easy way to streamline reconciliation of deposits to your sales invoices. Save the headache of manual reconciliation of deposits by utilizing Shopify in conjunction with Xero. By utilizing Shopify, your small or medium-sized business can now have a direct feed of all sales invoices, into your Xero account, through sync.

    Shopify will reconcile your deposits to sales while taking into consideration sales tax by state, automatically allocating the amount owed per state, and reporting on total revenue in each state. Invoices and deposits will match between Shopify and Xero, as long as your criteria is properly mapped between the two platforms.

    Connecting Xero and Shopify is simple - find the Xero app in the Shopify app store. From there, you can start to export data, as often as you need.

    With a single click, you can transfer product, payment, tax, and customer data like never before.