Discover the Power of NiceJob: Your Key to Unleashing Online Review Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, having the right tools to establish a strong online presence and foster growth is essential. One time-saving tool that's making waves in the world of small business is NiceJob.

NiceJob is areputation marketing softwarethat helps busy small business owners build and manage their online reputation, generate referrals, and gain trust in the digital world.

Keep scrolling as we dive into what NiceJob is all about and explore each of its fantastic products and their benefits.

So, what is NiceJob?

NiceJob is the all-in-one reputation marketing software for local businesses that want to easily and sustainably grow their online presence by getting more reviews, referrals, and sales.

How does NiceJob do that?

By creating a platform that uses proven review generation and referral engines that turn your happy customer testimonials into a steady stream of website and social media marketing materials.

On autopilot.

Let's check out the NiceJob product suite

NiceJob Reviews

Customer reviews are the lifeblood of any small business. NiceJob understands this, and their Reviews product is tailored to help you generate, gather, and showcase your reviews with ease.

It allows you to request reviews from your customers and conveniently collect them on various platforms like Google, Facebook, and more!


  • Build Trust: Positive reviews are like digital handshakes. They reassure potential customers that your business is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Improved SEO: Google values customer reviews, and having more of them can boost your search engine rankings.
  • Automated Process: NiceJob automates the review collection with a proven SMS and email drip campaign process, saving you time and making it effortless for your customers to leave feedback.

NiceJob Referrals

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers. The Referrals product from NiceJob simplifies the process by enabling your customers to refer friends and family with just a few clicks.

This transforms your satisfied customers into brand advocates.


  • Customer-Powered Growth: Let your customers become your marketing team. With NiceJob Referrals, they can easily recommend your services to their network.
  • Streamlined Process: The platform makes it easy for customers to refer others, reducing the friction in the referral process.
  • Trackable Results: You can monitor the success of your referral program and adjust your strategy accordingly.

NiceJob Social Proof

In a world inundated with options, businesses need a way to stand out. Social proof is a powerful tool for doing just that.

NiceJob's Social Proof product allows you to showcase your reviews, referrals, and other customer interactions on your website, turning it into a trust-building machine thanks to things like the Engage Widget, Trust Badge, and Stories Widget.


  • Increased Conversion Rates: Displaying social proof on your website can significantly boost your conversion rates, turning visitors into customers.
  • Enhanced Credibility: When potential customers see real-life testimonials and referrals, it builds their trust in your business.
  • Customization: NiceJob Social Proof is highly customizable, allowing you to match the look and feel of your website.

NiceJob Insights

Understanding your online performance is critical for growth. NiceJob's Insights product provides you with actionable data and analytics to make informed decisions. It gives you a detailed view of your online reputation and customer interactions.

You'll also get performance reports for your Review and Referral campaigns, as well as Topics insights and Team Leaderboard reporting so you can see what positive or negative sentiments are showing up in your reviews and which staff members are generating the most or best reviews.


  • Data-Driven Decisions: Access to insights helps you make informed marketing and customer service decisions.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge:Stay one step ahead of the competition by gaining a deep understanding of your customers and customizing your services to perfectly meet their needs.
  • Measurable ROI: With the Insights product, you can see the direct impact of your efforts on your online reputation and customer engagement.

NiceJob Sites

Having a robust online presence is absolutely crucial in today's digital-first world. It's all about making connections, sharing your passion, and reaching out to a wider audience.

The NiceJob Sites team will provide a fully done-for-you website that's stunning, fully functional, and high-converting.

It's a perfect solution for business owners who aren't as tech-savvy.

We're so confident in our website builds that we have a conversion guarantee:win 10% or more website sales with Sites, or it’s free!


  • Professional Online Presence: Even with minimal effort, you can have a professional-looking website that represents your business well.
  • Mobile-Optimized: NiceJob Sites ensures that your website looks and works perfectly on mobile devices, where many customers browse.
  • User-Friendly:The platform is intuitively designed, allowing you to effortlessly manage your website without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Give NiceJob a try today and start getting the reputation you deserve!

NiceJob is a dynamic reputation marketing solution that will help your online presence thrive!

From more positive reviews to higher star ratings, your local business will not just climb to the top of search results. It will stay there.

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