Bookkeeper360 VS QuickBooks Live

In the realm of small business solutions, the real challenge is to identify a service that isn't just software, but an extension of your business. And while QuickBooks Live has started to offer bookkeeping services, Bookkeeper360 emerges as an all-in-one solution for businesses that need more. Let's dive into why.

1. Understanding Their Core: Unveiling the Essentials

QuickBooks Live is a service offered by Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, to provide small businesses and self-employed individuals with bookkeeping assistance. QuickBooks Live connects users directly with a certified bookkeeper to help with their QuickBooks Online accounts.

Bookkeeper360: Not just software, but a partner in your business. It's where cutting-edge technology meets personalized advisory. An all-in-one platform that offers payroll, advisory, tax, and back office services, making it a perfect companion for businesses at all scales.

2. A User’s Story: "My Journey from QuickBooks to Bookkeeper360"

Sarah, a thriving small business owner, shares, "I was with QuickBooks Live and loved its interface. But as I expanded, I felt the need for more. More depth, more personalized advisory, more expertise. That's when I discovered Bookkeeper360. Their dedicated U.S.-based team became my business's backbone. It was like finding a partner who genuinely cared and could grow with my business."

3. Breaking Down The Features: Where Bookkeeper360 Outshines

QuickBooks Live:

  • Monthly cash basis bookkeeping
  • Access to your bookkeeper through a chat interface
  • Video appointments once per month
  • No advisory, payroll or back-office support


  • Services tailored to fit the needs of your business
  • Cash or accrual method of accounting
  • Customized reporting and access to real-time business KPIs through theBookkeeper360app
  • Expert U.S.-based advisory team.
  • All-in-one: From payroll management to tax compliance to personalized bookkeeping and accounting.


Quickbooks Live:

Starting at $200 per month after a mandatory clean-up period and variable thereafter based on business volume in the following months.


Monthly Bookkeeping starting at $399

Pay-As-You-Go Option starting at $49 per month and $125 per hour for support.

FAQ: Choosing What's Best for Your Business

Q: Why should I consider switching from QuickBooks Live to Bookkeeper360?\ A: If you're aiming for scalability and need a platform that offers more than just bookkeeping — all in one accounting including, payroll, tax, and advisory services — then Bookkeeper360 is your go-to.

Q: Does Bookkeeper360 provide personalized advisory?\ A: Absolutely! Bookkeeper360 isn’t just a tool; it's a team of U.S.-based experts ready to offer tailored advice, ensuring your business thrives.

4. The Undeniable Verdict: Why Bookkeeper360 Leads

QuickBooks Live is no doubt a strong contender, but if you're looking for a partner and not just a platform, Bookkeeper360 stands out. With a full suite that covers payroll, advisory, tax, and accounting solutions, it ensures you're ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.

Empower Your Business with Bookkeeper360

Want more than just a software? Choose Bookkeeper360. Let our technology-driven solutions and U.S.-based experts become your partner. Elevate your business by handling your accounting, payroll, tax, and advisory needs with precision. Dive deeper into what Bookkeeper360 can offer you today!