Angela wanted complete transparency and efficiency

    Joinery Store

    "When I first approached Bookkeeper360 my accounting situation was a mess. Past experiences with companies whose rates were outrageous and whose methods were outdated resulted in my falling way behind with my accounting and bookkeeping. As a very hands on, small business owner, I rely hugely on the use of browser based software’s like Xero to do work, myself, that I would otherwise have to outsource at a much higher cost and lower efficiency. As a company looking towards the future, Bookkeeper 360 understands the tremendous value of these kinds of software’s, utilizing them themselves for things like the on-boarding process, scheduling appointments and submitting payment, making the process of working with them easy as can be. They understand that, especially, for a small business owner, time is money. My accountant, Nick Pasquarosa has been instrumental in getting my business back on track. Simply put, his speed and proficiency in Xero and other technologies saves me money. He allows me to see the work he is doing and gives me the tools, whenever possible, to do the work myself. When a lower level colleague or a certain technology can take care of something, he extends those savings on to me. Complete transparency and efficiency—that's the future and Bookkeeper 360 gets it."

    - Angela Silvia, Joinery