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Bookkeeping Tailored for Shopify and Amazon Sellers

View your finances, track your goals and access your accounting experts all in one place.

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An app built for small businesses.

View your finances, track your goals and access your accounting experts all in one place.

Business Performance

Real-time Metrics

Cash Management & Burn Rate

Payroll Analytics

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Business Performance

Understand your finances without the hassle of spreadsheets.

Revenue, Direct Costs and Net Income Dashboards

Profit and Loss Details

Compare Year-Over-Year Performance

Track and customize goals and trends

Cash Management

Make tracking cash simple.

Track Monthly Cash Inflows and Outflows

Cash Runway and Cashburn

Net Cash on Hand

Payroll Analytics

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Combine accounting and payroll data for workforce insights.

Payroll Expense Breakdown

Costs by Department

Headcount by Department

Revenue and Net Income by Headcount

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Our technology analyzes your finances and makes recommendations to help your grow your business.

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"We’ve been working with Bookkeeper360 for the last few years. They have streamlined bookkeeping and accounting initiatives for our company, acting as our proxy CFO. We let them focus on our finances, while we focus on growth. Bookkeeper360 has had a massive impact on the success of our company."

"Bookkeeper360 has been instrumental in helping our small business achieve a spot on the Inc. 5000 list. With their bookkeeping support, we’ve been able to spend our valuable time focusing on key projects that drive growth."

"The team at Bookkeeper360 is top notch! They keep my books in check and are always available! As a small business owner, they’ve been an invaluable resource both in terms of managing my numbers and as a general sounding board."

20% off your first 3 months

Exclusive to A2X Customers

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